Thursday, 27 February 2014

What I've Fancy'd

So today I got a Fancy mobile app notification, and a text message, and an e-mail (can't accuse those Fancy people of not keeping you informed!) to let me know that my first Jennifer Love Hewitt Box has been dispatched. Very Exciting!!

I am a little puzzled. When I ordered the description stated this box is dispatched on the 30th of the month so I'm not sure if this box is early, whether I'm receiving last months box or whether this is the rumoured JLH 'Welcome box' - which is a collection of past items sent to new subscribers in place of the usual months box. Time will tell...

Jennifer looks worried?!

Whilst I'm awaiting my first box arrival I've been exploring what else the Fancy website has to offer. allows you to browse their entire catalogue of products along with items added by other users. As most of the products are prohibitively expensive to ship to the UK, (shipping costs are per item) I'm not tempted to splurge too much - but it is a really neat tool for window shopping, which I love!

You can save items by clicking on the 'Fancy' button and selecting which list to add the item to.  I have no idea if this information is considered when your box contents are assembled but it is fun to discover new items, get gift ideas and assemble wish lists for yourself. There are also a tonne of stylish (and very expensive)  furniture items, luxury holiday ideas and even recipe and craft tips so a little bit of everything really.

If I was based in the US, it would be an extremely useful one stop shop and I would definitely go ahead and buy soooo many items direct from Fancy... as it is, I'm just going to wait and see if they'll ever turn up in my boxes!

Here's a selection of some of the items I've got my eye on.

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Saturday, 22 February 2014

.... Fancy

This blog is to record and chart my journey as a UK subscriber to FancyBox.

What is FancyBox?

A US based monthly subscription box service similar to the beauty boxes such as Birch Box or Glossy Box. Instead of Beauty Samples items are selected from a range of categories including Home, Gadgets, Media, Men, Women & Kids and are all available through the shop. Although the service is US based it is available worldwide.

Each month you are subscribed will send you a box containing a selection of items available from their store based on your interests and completed profile.  The exact contents are not known but the value of the items is guaranteed to be at least $80. To me it seems like you receive a cool surprise gift every month, except for you have to pay for it!

How Much Does it Cost?

$39 + $17 shipping to the UK 
(Shipping within the US is $8)
Using current Exchange Rates I  calculate this as around £33


Coupon Code

Use the Coupon Code FOLLOWUP10  for a 10% discount off the subscription price.
(Expiry date unknown)


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I have signed up for both the Regular and Jennifer Love-Hewitt Fancy Boxes.

I'm expecting my first box around 5th March 2014, so stay tuned!